Freebie alert! Some useful sales and social media trackers for your small business


social media sales habit tracker

Happy New Year to you all!

I can't believe we're already halfway through January, where is the time going?

Now I'm officially back from work I've dug out some of my old trusty habit trackers and plan to use them for 2023.

You may already know that I am a BIG planner. I am passionate about having everything mapped out, and feel a great sense of peace when I have a list to work from. I designed these all the way back in 2017 to help me build up my business.

social media planner

This social media tracker (click here to download) is made to help you figure out when to post to the various platforms. These are the times that work for me, but feel free to change them up.

There is a handy notes section at the bottom that I usually use for content ideas. The top has some great stat spaces to help you track all your different numbers. This really helps me know where to focus my time and energy for the next month.

I like to get fancy and colour code each platform, but you can make this completely yours.

sales revenue amount tracker

My Sales Revenue and Volume Tracker (click here to download) is my ultimate source of motivation. It contains all of my figures for the entire year, and I get a great kick out of comparing them year on year.

The volume tracker is used to write in the amount of orders I have each day. I'm a stickler and only count toal orders, not units of sale, but you can go wild and use it however you like.

The revenue tracker is colour coded to show the monetary total of sales each day. I love seeing a rainbow appear across the page for the year.

Both of these have columns for 2022 so you can compare your stats at a glance!

If you have any problems downloading, please drop me a message here or on my social media. Happy planning!

Danielle xo


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