Adorable Valentine's Hearts Bunting Freebie


mini heart bunting is displayed on a green background with family photos and artwork

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and Chibi Chi Jr is very excited! To help get us all in the mood, I've created this adorable Valentine's day hearts bunting, and I'm gifting it to you as a printable freebie!

I love to craft with my mini me, but I hate the mess that usually goes with it, plus it's always difficult to find the time. This craft is perfect as it needs hardly any supplies, there's no mess, and the finished bunting looks good enough to display in any room.

craft supplies - bunting printable, rose gold scissors, twine and washi tape


  • Valentine's bunting free printable click here
  • Scissors
  • Twine
  • Washi tape - any tape will do
a blonde haired girl wearing a pink gingham bow is carefully cutting out bunting shapes from card


Print your Valentine's heart bunting at 100% scale, on either paper or card.

Carefully cut out your bunting pieces.

Decide how long you would like your bunting, and cut out a piece of twine.  Make sure you allow an extra 12cms for your loops.

Tie a knot in either end of your string, and create hanging loops.

Position your bunting pieces on the string, and use your washi tape to secure them.

Hang on the wall, and enjoy!

Heart design bunting in white and pink is hung on a wall. The wall features dog motif wallpaper and there is a shelf below filled with children's toys and books
I'd love to see your finished buntings, drop me a tag on Instagram @ChibiChiDesigns - my favourite will win a gift voucher to spend on my website!
Happy Crafting
Danielle xo

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